i'm fer! bisex + demiro. mexican & eng/esp. in here i'm going to specify and state for which fandoms i will write for, what kind of content i'm willing to write and what kind of content i won't ever write for.


...≋ ❞ I love Ponyo whether she’s a fish, a human, or something in between. ≋...


.WHAT I WILL WRITE. fluff & angst (mostly based of songs), smut (age gap, genderbending, breeding, public sex, fingering, breath play, cum eating, corruption, dacryphilia, thigh riding and fucking, handjobs, p in v, anal, cockwarming, size kink, daddy kink, degrading, gun and knife play, spitting, pet play, praising, somnophilia, male and female oral, dub-con and more...), polyamory tropes: enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, roomies, fake dating, omegaverse, etc.


.STAN LIST. boy groups: got7, treasure, victon, stray kids, txt, enhypen, ateez, xdinary heroes, day6, seventeen, astro, oneus, onewe, n.flying. girl groups: itzy, aespa, le sserafim, (g)i-dle, mamamoo, kep1er, newjeans, red velvet, loona, dreamcatcher.


.WHAT I WON'T WRITE. sensitive content (dysphoria, dysmorphia, suicide, vomit, abortion, eating disorders, self harm), smut (age play, zoophilia, everything that contain minors in suggestive situations, child abuse, pegging, incest, bondage, non-con, fisting, monsterfucking, raceplay), other (scat, water sports, foot fetish, snuff, vore, pregnancy, mpreg or having kids in general and more...) absolutely never ever: rape, selfharm, suicide, sexual assault, pedophilia, mpreg, zoophilia.


.POSITION. tops: jaebum, jackson, youngjae, bambam, hyunsuk, jihoon, junkyu, jaehyuk, asahi, yedam, doyoung, haruto, hongjoong, seonghwa, yunho, yeosang, jongho, seungsik, seungwoo, chan, sejun, byungchan, soobin, yeonjun, taehyun, kai, chan, changbin, minho, jeongin, han, seungmin, jay, heeseung, jake, ni-ki. bottoms: yugyeom, mashiho, mingi, subin, jungwon, sunghoon, beomgyu, hyunjin, jungwon. versatile: mark, san, felix, yoshi, sunoo.